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As an entrepreneur I have honed the diverse skills needed to propel my business forward.  In the early years I could not afford to pay for many of the professional services most businesses rely on.  I learned by doing. I learned how to use the computer for marketing, maintaining client lists, and financial management among other things.   It turns out I was a natural with the computer and enjoy the fast paced changes of the digital age.

I generously share my knowledge and skills with you.  Email or call me today to discuss your business needs and the services I can teach you  to move your art business to the next level.

Below are just a few of the services I provide:

Building a WordPress website
Training you to update your existing website. Once your site is established you will be updating your site as if you had been doing it all your life!
Eblast marketing and training
Creating a marketing campaign
Setting up social media profiles
Social media training
Basic photo editing for website and social media content
Photo management
Artist statement editing/review
CV/Resume editing/review


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