What do you want to do with this one precious life? -Mary Oliver


Mary Oliver poses the potent difficult question. Few fortunate ones confidently declare at five years old what they want to be when they grow up and then spend the rest of their lives doing it.  For most, the ever elusive answer lies just out of sight.


Transformation is not easy.  Often we make it more difficult as we hold onto the past for its familiar safety and comfort.  We look to the caterpillar for its sage wisdom.  When change is evident, a caterpillar builds a chrysalis to incubate its transformation.  From the outside it looks tranquil, even magical.  However, there is a lot of hard work, perhaps even pain, as it transforms physically into its new self.

Learning to recognize the inner signs of change, or perhaps resistance to change, is a challenge experienced by many.  Learning to lean into and to surround the emotions and uncertainty with trust and gratitude provides the haven in which to shed the old way of life and to step, or in keeping with the metaphor, fly into the next chapter.

I work with people who are building their cocoon and help them to do the hard work while inside.  It is hard work, often the shedding of old ideals, limiting beliefs or ways of being.  This is an area where I shine.  Although I work in groups, I excel at connecting in a deeply personal way to extract from my clients what is at their authentic core, to soar in the world fully expressed.



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